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A Pretty Tough Day !!!

21 september 2013

Not the best day for the HH Ings form Sweden Team. We had a string of bad results today in races 2, 3 & 4 that saw us slip from leading the regatta in day one to 11th after 3 races. The conditions were super tricky with the wind changing through 30 degrees of angle and very varied in wind strength. Team Argo won the day showing just how important it is to be consistent, keeping the results in single digit's. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a light day again, with better winds forecast for Sunday the final day of racing. It's back to basic's for the team Inga tomorrow.

A great start to the Worlds!!!

19 september 2013

With no racing yesterday the pressure was on to get racing underway today. The forecast was for the breeze to start the day at 25knots plus and drop from there. Racing got underway on time at 11.00, with the wind gusting up to 30 knots.

The first race was a survival test. Just keep it cool and don't make the mistakes. Race one proved to be a big pay of for Helly Hansen Inga form Sweden, for the time we have spent on the water over the past year getting to grips with this tricky over powered boat. We started at the pin end with Team Argo half a boat length to weather who won the start.

A long port tack in building breeze saw us on the left side of the track. We were third around the first top mark, with it all on for the run. We managed to survive, a couple of on the edge gybes to make it around the bottom mark in 2nd hot on the tail of Bombarda Racing. Looking back up wind at the fleet there were allot of pretty hairy wipe outs resulting in quite a bit of damage to the fleet in the first run.

Bombarda Racing lead up the second beat showing some serious speed on the wind. Bombarda Racing lead around the second top mark. We were about 20 seconds behind. A wild second run followed. The deciding maneuver for the race came down to the last gybe about 200m meters from the finish, Bombada racing missed their gybe, opening up an opportunity for us to nail it, which thankfully we did.

So a great start for the Helly Hansen Inga form Sweden team. An attempt was made at a second race, but the breeze was gusting over 34 knots, which saw the fleet return to the dock, postponing racing for the day. It is going to be a long 3 days.

The pressure is on to keep the consistency in the results required to stay at the top of this fantastic fleet. We look forward to getting back on the race track tomorrow. Richard & The Helly Hansen Inga form Sweden Team.

Pre-Worlds Complete, Time to go Racing !!!

16 september 2013

We have just completed the pre worlds, two days of sailing that have offered up just about every condition from no wind to way to much!!! The pre worlds are a non-sanctioned event that exists for both the sailing teams and the race committee to get some practice at starting and racing around the track.

Of the two races that were completed we managed a 6th and 2nd over the line. It puts the team in a good position as we go into the worlds.

The weather forecast looks as though the First day of racing will be very windy in the Upper 20's then dropping off from there as the week goes on. We have a lay day tomorrow, which will give us the final opportunity for tweaking on the boat.

The race area is going to be super challenging to race in. The teams are all extremely well prepared. It is going to be one hell of a battle out there.

We will put out a daily report from the team about the days racing.

Road to the Worlds 2013

14 september 2013

12 months ago almost to the day, HH Inga from Sweden was in in the midst of a baptism of fire, contesting our first ever regatta in the Melges 32, the Worlds, in Newport Road Island. There were allot of hard lessons learned, wild wipe outs, and the odd glimpse of glory as we felt our way into the class & started to get a feel for what we were going to need to achieve as a team to become competitive in the class.

12 months have passed; we have contested 8 events in The US, Caribbean & Europe. The HH Inga from Sweden Melges 32 team is set to take on the worlds again, in Porto Rotando, Sardinia, Italy. For the team this culminates a years work, developing sails, rig settings, crew work and team culture.

Today we are all assembling on the other side of the Atlantic in Porto Rotondo for the last push to the worlds. We have 2 days of training before the pre worlds, then it is time to check in and see how were are measuring up. Racing begins 18th September.

Time to do battle !! Richard & the HH Inga Racing Team.

Audi Meldges 32 Event4, Day 1, Torbole, WOW !!!!!

12 july 2013

What an absolutely amazing venue to sail in!!! With the America's Cup struggling to get a race off, and the IRC, HPR rating systems looking as complicated as ever for owners to build successful yachts to, the Melges 32 fleet seems to be delivering a fantastic platform for incredibly close racing, that is challenging and can be enjoyed by Amateur and Professional alike.

We had 19 boats on the Start line this afternoon; anyone of them could have won a race. The conditions were fantastic 18-22 knots. It was a slow start for the HELLY HANSEN INGA FROM SWEDEN TEAM. We had a 17th, 5th & 8th. An average start compounded by a few mistakes caused the bad result in the first race, but from there we managed to get our mojo back and start notching up respectable results in the hotly contested fleet.

We have a crew change for this regatta, Twirler (Daren Jones), is away defending his Farr 30 World championship tittle. In his place we have Warwick Fleury, a multiple America's Cup winner. Warwick's input to the team will be invaluable as we build up towards the worlds. We have a similar day as today forecast for tomorrow.

Lets hope that we can continue to build up from our performance today, and notch up a couple of podium finishes.

Richard & The HH Inga from Sweden Team

Another Tricky Day on the Water, Super Close Racing.

1 june 2013

The day certainly lived up to the forecast of light winds. We managed to get 3 races completed; the last two were in very light but consistent breeze.

Well the mixed bag of results continued today for Helly Hansen Inga form Sweden. After a strong start in the first race we hit the first top mark, which in no wind is a brutal mistake to make. We went from the top third of the fleet to fighting hard to keep ourselves out of last in one maneuver. The age-old saying of "It ain't over till it's over", came into play. We were able to fight our way back into the mid fleet.

Race two was very good, we showed some great legs down wind, not just Susie's ! but Inga's as well. We found our light wind modes, Richard G was really locked into some fantastic down wind modes and were able to record a respectable 4th.

The last race saw us on a very close lay-line for the top mark once again at the first mark. We rounded in a cluster of boats, and struggled to break free of them. With no real opportunities for a comeback we chalked up a 12th . So really to sum things up we are showing that we are more than callable of getting to the top of the fleet, but are struggling to find our consistency. This fleet is incredibly well sailed, the standard is very high.

Mistakes are brutally punished! Consistency is very highly rewarded!

Our focus is now Consistency !!!!!

Richard M & the HH Inga Crew

Super Light Winds for Day 2, Event 3.

1 june 2013

It is proving to be an incredibly difficult venue to sail in. We are lying in 9th after 2 races and a mixed bag of results yesterday. Even with the conditions being so shifty the racing is still incredibly close. You just can't make any mistakes in this fleet. Today is going to see even trickier and slightly lighter conditions then yesterday. We have just got of the phone with our Weather Guru, Volvo Navigator Aksel Magdhal. The image above is a screen shot of the expected winds today at mid day. Between 4 & 6 knots. Another tough day lies ahead for the HH Inga from Sweden team.

A Light Wind Day for Race Day One

31 may 2013

Just had the morning weather briefing, looks as though we are going to have a light shifty day in Southerly winds. All set for a good day on the water. 

The Skippers summery from Audi Meldges 32 Event 2 Porto Ercole

14 may 2013

Summing Up the weekend in Porto Ercole.

The HH Inga Racing team got of to a weak start in the very light winds on Friday. From then on we started picking up pace.

We discovered a problem with our mast ram that meant we were losing rig tension during racing on Saturday. During Saturday night the team lifted the mast and replaced the damaged ram.

By Sunday after some really good starts we were able to sail to our targets again, (which we know are good). After a frustrating first two days we found our speed, and on the final day scored a 5th, a 3rd and a 2nd. Matching Bombarda for best score of the day.

Looking forward we must focus on sailing in light conditions. We haven't had much opportunity to do this in the past but sailing in the Mediterranean should present plenty of this.

We also have to look at our strategies for fighting our way from the middle of the fleet. With the bigger fleet in Europe we will have plenty of opportunities to do that too.

All in all our feeling is very positive after the event. We know we are quick and crew work is amongst the best in the fleet. We just need to get more consistent.

Many thanks to Porto Ercole, CNVA, Audi and Melges 32 for a great event in a beautiful location.

Richard Goransson

Inga Racing Gearing up for Key West

18 january 2013

Great days sailing here in Key West. Got the new HH spinaker out for a spin. Crew work going well. Everyone made the weigh in so christmas was not to bad. Perfect sailing conditions here, with a fantastic line up of boats and sailors.

Practice racing tomorrow. No race is a practice, so should be a full on day.



Inga From Sweden Racing Team

Inga's sailing team is truly international with 8 crew in total coming from 7 different countries. The Team is made up from 3 professionals & 5 amateurs. Inga Racing has a fantastic shore based team that covers the running of the boats, coaching & logistics. Every member of the team both on the water and shore based have specialist skills that ensure the overall success of the team.

Richard Göransson

Nationality: Swedish

Position: Helmsman, Owner

Age: 47

Nickname: Rille

Richard has been sailing his whole life, and has founded Inga Racing Team to compete at the highest level of one design racing. 

Richard Mason

Nationality: New Zealand / Sweden

Position: Project Manager

Age: 38

Nickname: Maso

Richard has been sailing professionally for 15 years, having competed in the America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race 4 times. Richard has also raced extensively on the Match Racing & One Design circuits. Richard is a Director of Rockpoint Racing AB, that facilitates the Inga racing team.

Oliver Tizzard

Nationality: United Kingdom

Position: Boat Captain

Age: 32

Nickname: Oli

"Oli" is Inga's Boat Captain. An established Professional Yachtsman and Captain, Oli is responsible for all the technical operations around the boat. Inga is a well-loved girl in Oli's hands.

Hamish Pepper

Nationality: New Zealand

Position: Tactician

Age: 41

Nickname: Pepsi

Hamish has come to Inga racing fresh from his 2012 olympics Star campign. He has sailed in every top event sailing has to offer. Amongst them 4 America's Cup teams, 4 olympic games, and has held 6 world championship titles.

Darren Jones

Nationality: Australian

Position: Main Trimmer

Age: 45

Nickname: Twirler

Darren is one of the leading one design sailors in the world, with multiple world titles to his name. Twirler runs the sail development program and oversees the overall speed performace for the team.

Gosse de Boer

Nationality: Dutch

Position: Pitt, Mast

Age: 23

Nickname: Goose

Gosse is the young blood in the team. He has been sailing since he could walk. he has cut his teeth in the dingy classes, mumm30 and has done a considerable amount of big boat sailing.

Marco Carpenello

Nationality: Italian

Position: Bow

Age: 32

Nickname: Carpy

Marco Carpenello Carpie has been a huge addition. With no less than 5 world tittles including wining the 2012 Meldges 32 World Championships. The results speak for themselves. A perfectionist on the water, Carpie is the life of the team

Susie Mitten

Nationality: Irish

Position: Pitt

Age: 30

Nickname: Inga

 No stranger to one design racing, Susie has raced along-side the likes of Russell Coutts in the RC 44 class. Susie's Irish fire keeps the lads focused on the racing & Coach "Beach" focused on the boat.

Cesare Bozetti

Nationality: Italian

Position: Trimmer

Age: 42

Nickname: Caesar

Cesare brings the true Italian flavour to the team. With an eye for detail, Cesare is always looking for something more to get out of the boat. Cesare also brings World titles to the team in the Farr 40 class and Mumm 30 classes.

Jared Henderson

Nationality: New Zealand

Position: Coach

Age: 40

Nickname: Beach

Beach brings an ocean of experience to the team. Beach has raced in the Volvo Ocean Race, America's Cup, World Match Racing Tour & One Design Arena's. He has also managed high profile racing teams. Beach has a fantastic eye for crew mechanics and the overall performance of the team.

Sarah J OKane

Nationality: Welsh

Position: Logistics extraordinaire

Age: 33

Nickname: Hey Sis

The Boat

The Meldges 32 is a high powered boat designed specifically for very aggressive one-desiign racing. The boat is designed by Reichel/Pugh, a design house renowned for its high performance designs that are vey challenging to sail.

The boat is controlled by a strict one design rule, where the only things you are allowed to adjust is your sail design & rig tensions. The number of sails that you are allowed to use is also limited. The emphasis of this class is on your sailing ability matched against some of the best sailors in the world. Not for the faint hearted as speeds down wind reach over 20 knots, with up to 20-30 boats all doing the same speed in close proximity. Half a boat length can mean the difference between first & last.

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International ROLEX Regatta 2013

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Cracking Start



Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen has joined Inga racing team as the official technical clothing supplier. Helly Hansen are leading inovators in marine technical clothing. Developing their clothing for the the toughest sailing environments. Inga racing team will work with Helly Hansen to assist with the continued development of their sailing clothing range.

Barz Optics

Helly Hansen Inga from Sweden 3 is very proud to have Barz Optics as our partner for sunglasses.

Quantum Sail Design Group

Quantum Sail Design Group was formed in 1996 by a group of independent and experienced sailmakers. The firm has grown to more than 60 sales and service outlets throughout the world with headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan.


TABS was founded in 2006 by the designers Fabian Hilden and Fredrik Moberg with the vision of form and function harmonizing. After several years at big agencies, they wanted to take a step closer to the customer and the reality. The result was a personal creator-led design agency with a tight suit and wide creative network.




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Richard Göransson

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